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Morgan McHugh

On his debut album, Live at Mojo, Morgan McHugh boldly pens his own entry in the decades-old Americana songbook.   Across nine powerful songs that showcase a depth of songwriting finesse that belies his youth, Morgan’s musical brushstrokes cut right to the soul.  “I write from the heart and from a place of solitude,” he says.  “I grew up immersed in wilderness and have spent the last couple of summers on fishing boats out of Bristol Bay in Northwestern Alaska.  The solitude affords me a lot of time to think.  That is when my creative juices really start flowing.”  McHugh’s songs are honest reflections about life, love, and loss. His artistic upbringing laid his musical foundation at an early age.  “I was homeschooled and the primary focus of my education was music and nature.  The first thing in the morning, my dad would be playing guitar or piano.  I came to songwriting and guitar when I was fifteen, but I had been singing and playing piano and violin years before that. Live at Mojo is a haunting and captivating debut—an exquisitely crafted album that Morgan McHugh will be building on for decades to come.


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